European standards

The European legislation in force since 1993 distinguishes the type of footwear according to the level of risk, establishing the specific requirements for each category.

1. Safety footwear EN ISO 20345:2011

(from the English: SAFETY) These are provided with toe caps made to give protection against knocks up to an energy level of 200 joules and against the risk of crushing with a maximum load of 15.000 N.

2. Occupational footwear 20347:2012

(from the English: OCCUPATIONAL) They are not provided with protective toe caps.

The pierce resistant sole guarantees resistance to perforations of up to a load of 1.100 N. The identification symbol is P.

The quick release device must be used in the event of danger of infiltration by incandescent parts and/or corrosive liquids.

The safety footwear is Category II – with EC Mark, in compliance with the European Directive EEC 89/686. We are therefore listing the markings which are used by law to allow identification of the specific requirements of the footwear, as well as the data regarding the manufacturer and the date of manufacture.